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We are a family of 10. We love these puppies and give them plenty of attention. We got started with breeding by accident. We decided to breed Sugar, our family pet, and fell in love with her puppies. Then we decided to start breeding our dogs as a family business. We started with labs and now we are branching out with different breeds. We have labradoodles and Pomskies. We enjoy watching people come and pick out their puppies for adoption. We also like meeting up with our customers in town and seeing their puppy grow. It gives us a satisfaction knowing that our puppies are going to a good, loving, and caring home.   




We evaluate our dogs carefully. We look to breed for correct type, excellent health, and sound temperament. We do not do any in line breeding. We carefully choose sires to avoid close breeding in a family. Our practice is to breed our dogs at 2 years of age and not breeding them every time after that. We only breed our dogs to studs meeting our approval.


    We accept a deposit of anywhere from $200 to $500, depending on which breed you chose from. You can reserve a puppy of your choice from a litter that is born or an expected litter. When you place a deposit you reserve your choice in the litter, puppies are reserved on a first deposit, first serve basis! We accept personal checks for deposits and also through PayPal. Payment is expected in full at time of adoption. The deposit is non-refundable. However, we ask that you place your deposit with the intent to adopt exclusively from us! 

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